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Relaxing, finding yourself, feeling content. At Wirthshof, wellness means feeling good. A relaxing temple massage with herbs. A purifying grape seed peeling. A visit to our Mediterranean sauna facilities. Spoiling yourself. We respond to your needs with care so you can relax and enjoy the wellness atmosphere.


Finnish sauna, Roman steam bath, cleansing detox herbal sauna, tepidarium, tropical and icy showers, plunge pool, relaxation room. At our sauna facilities, you'll find your own individual relaxation area.


Treat yourself. Enjoy a soft facial, an integrative massage performed according to traditional Chinese medicine, a nurturing peeling or activating pedicure.



Enjoy your holiday while following all the rules of wellness with our wellness packages. Exclusively created for your wellness. For your very own well-being.

Primavera body treatments 

The natural cosmetics pioneer from the neighbouring Allgäu region stands for 100% natural essential oils in organic quality. Primavera's products draw their active powers from the richness of the natural plant world. Take a deep breath and feel the mood-lightening, activating, calming or harmonising effect. With our massages and body treatments we spoil you with the high-quality Primavera oils. Enjoy the holistic care of our body care products and experience fragrance experiences with a beneficial influence on body, mind and soul. Relax with the most beautiful scents of nature.

Take a deep breath and feel the mood-lightening, activating, calming or harmonising effect of the essential oils of Primavera. With all our massages and body treatments, you can choose the right aroma oil directly before the treatment according to your individual preferences and current condition.

One of our mot popular primavera body treatments

Soothing back and neck massage

30 minutes // 38,00 € per treatment

Dr. Hauschka Facial Treatments

To see man in his entirety. Supporting you in your mental and physical regeneration process - this is the idea behind Dr. Hauschka's holistic care concept. We use natural cosmetic products without synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives for our Dr. Hauschka facial treatments. The high-quality care products regulate and normalise every skin type and help the skin to take care of itself. Together with the gentle strokes and touches by our certified Dr. Hauschka Estheticians, we bring your body and soul into harmony.

One of our most popular Dr. Hauschka treatments:

Individual needs

The facial treatment individually adapted to your needs for the highest demands and little time.
75 minutes //  75,00 € per treatment 



Spa rules and etiquette



Please come to the reception at least five minutes before the start of treatment. Take a seat, drink a glass of water and wait until we pick you up for your treatment.



If you are unable to attend a treatment, please let us know 24 hours in advance. Please understand that cancellations must be made on the same day. In the event of delays, please understand that your treatment will be shortened accordingly out of respect for subsequent guests.



Please pay attention to the shower regulations before each massage and body treatment. A warm shower shortly before the application relaxes, removes small skin flakes and prepares the skin ideally for the treatment.



Your well-being is close to our hearts. Please let us know during the treatment if there is anything we can do better or should change.



Bathrobes and slippers are available for our hotel guests in their hotel room - or can be rented for a fee. Please come to the body treatments in the bathrobe. We will always cover you well during the massage with our covering techniques so that your privacy is protected and you feel comfortable. You can also get a disposable briefs from us.



Please inform us in advance about possible health problems and allergies. In this way we can select the appropriate products for you and offer you comprehensive relaxation.



For hotel and camping guests, the applications are posted to the hotel room or camping bill. DAY SPA guests can pay for their treatments in cash, by EC or credit card at the hotel reception desk.



With appearance of this price list all previous ones lose their validity. Changes, errors or misprints are reserved.


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